Top 7 Subreddits For Funny Stories

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Because of the sheer breadth of Reddit, which famously bills itself as the “first page of the internet,” the site is automatically seen from a wide range of views. For some, Reddit is the website where people go to get subreddits for funny stories or funny gifs or post the 10,000th photo of their pet. It’s an inexhaustible supply of recipes and inspiration for a foodie. It’s where global and national news are spread first, according to a political news addict. It’s the starting point for casting news and new film trailers for moviegoers. Reddit’s primary role is to provide a conduit to whichever niches you want. So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite subreddits for funny stories.


Anyone who has ever sat up late at night to watch weird infomercials understands the inane delight this bargain-basement television can provide, but r/wheredidthesodago delivers that joy in bite-size portions, all the funnier for their lack of context. Participants in this subreddit find bizarre gifs from infomercials, such as this woman transforming into a Chewbacca monster made of pet hair, and give them amusing captions that indicate some sort of fresh and creative context. It’s like a game of competitive improvisation, with snippets that are always oddly memorable.


Who among us hasn’t had a terrible phase of personal fashion in the past? Users share images of themselves as toddlers, teens, or young adults and criticize the fact that they ever believed they could pull off that haircut or their brief fascination with shooting photos posing with ninja equipment on r/blunderyears, Reddit’s primary site for self-deprecation. Of course, awkward family photographs and class shots exist, but the true classics of the genre include aspects like a self-mangled haircut, double sunglasses, or clutching a Poke Ball while wearing a cloak.

You’d think such a subreddit would result in catcalling and harassment, yet r/blunderyears has an unusual capacity to sympathize with the individual uploading their humiliating photo, sharing similar stories of their own prolific mishaps. It is, certainly, one of the best subreddits for funny stories.

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The only subreddit dedicated to the word “sly.” It focuses on an unquantifiable concept of “smoothness,” a certain suave feeling of seamless cool that comes from pulling off an impossible-looking task, but mostly by mistake. Many of the classic gifs in this genre depict tight escapes from calamity or disgrace, which are salvaged by a spectacular recovery or “smooth landing.” Consider this skateboarder who collides with another youngster on a skateboard but manages to sweep him up, loop around, and land him back on his board without ever touching the ground. Of course, there are gifs of people doing things that just seem ridiculously great, like this guy flinging the content of a shot glass into the air and then capturing all of the drink in his mouth without losing a drop. The subreddit is a compilation of things that, without video evidence, no one would believe.


Everything you need to know about reading r/titlegore is perfectly represented in the following image from Kate Beaton’s comic Hark! A Vagrant, which acts as the subreddit’s spirit animal—is a community dedicated to the type of confusingly written material that thrives on sites like Reddit. The goal of this page is to celebrate the brain-melting complexity of terrible headlines and confusingly worded posts from throughout Reddit, whether they’re simple—”Do you prefer sex with or without a condom?”—or entirely and utterly incomprehensible.

Do you need an example? Try on this article title to see how it fits. “If Hitler were alive today, and Hitler had a cloning machine.” With Hitler, you hold the world captive. Hitler Clone Unlimited Hitler What are you holding captive in return for Hitler Hitler?” “Mutilated body washes up on Rio beach to be utilized for Olympic beach volleyball,” for example. It’s a subreddit for those who enjoy reading stuff only to wonder, “Wait, what was that?”

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There are other subreddits beginning with “stories from,” covering a wide range of topics and vocations, but I particularly like r/talesfromthepizzaguy, which includes food service professionals from all around the world. This is a place for every underappreciated delivery worker to complain about the weird and terrible client encounters they have on a daily basis, as well as sympathize with one another on surviving another shift. Kindness, victory, and comedy occasionally brighten the picture, but make no mistake—this is the right place for expressing frustrations, and the way it depicts how we treat people we regard as “below us” will give you a new appreciation for food service employees of all types. Your next pizza delivery tip will be generous after browsing r/talesfromthepizzaguy—these people go to great lengths to keep the pizza coming.


If there is a hall of fame for particular subreddits, r/mildlyinteresting will most likely be in it eventually. This is the type of community that encapsulates the entire Reddit experience—a collection of images,gifs, and experiences that actually qualify as “mildly” fascinating. The notion is that these are short, bite-sized pick-me-ups or intriguing morsels of knowledge that may be swiftly eaten and then discarded, never to be examined again. Examples include the man who discovered and replicated the cliffside landscape depicted on the Clif bar packaging and the lady who demonstrated how gaps in brow hair were a hereditary feature of her family by displaying a family image from 1855 next to her own face. Of course, if you want even more intriguing stuff, you can always go to r/damnthatsinteresting.


Another subreddit that does exactly what it says: A celebration of everything awful about design. Awkwardly built flight of stairs that appears intent on mutilating whoever climbs it? Belongs to the r/crappydesign subreddit. Use of Comic Sans or Papyrus that is completely improper for the situation? You’ll find it here as well. Bananas individually wrapped? I had no idea it was a thing before today, but you can find it here as well. They’re all amusing, but my favorite is this insane playground slide, which appears to have been purposefully designed to fling a youngster back and forth against its sides.

What insane person could have devised such a piece of playground equipment? Perhaps the same individual who created this version of the philosophical “trolley dilemma,” in which you must choose whether to kill 5 or 6 people?

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Does the platform’s tremendous eclecticism imply that it always has a dark side? The quick response is, “of course.” There has been no lack of insane subreddits and communities created around them throughout the years, which have served as conduits for political extremism and generally bad or toxic conduct. But for every strange, horrible stuff on Reddit at any one time, there are just as many, if not more, subreddits for funny stories. If you liked this post, you will probably like our blog on top 10 best Meme subreddits. Don’t forget to share you comments with us in the comment section below.

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