Top 8 Zero Calorie Drinks That Are Good for You

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Well, then. You’ve given up your favorite drinks to save calories, but now you’re looking for some healthier alternatives. Yes, you could go with the tried-and-true water, but that gets old fast. You require a beverage that feels like a delicious treat without jeopardizing your health or weight loss goals. This list of zero calorie drinks is excellent for you and delightful whether you’re tracking macros, vegan, or on a diet. It’s not just about counting calories; it’s about developing healthy habits that help you feel your best so you can get the most out of life. It’s also a good idea to keep your body moving with some enjoyable workouts, and including mindfulness activities is another excellent way to develop an all-around healthy lifestyle. These are eight healthy zero calorie drinks to keep you hydrated and healthy.

1. Hint Water

Top 8 Zero Calorie Drinks

Hint water is also sweeping the market, converting normal water into a delicious drink free of sugar and sweeteners. They have four versions to choose from: Most sparkling water companies label their cans with “natural flavors,” although this isn’t exactly transparent. Thus, Spindrift decided to forego the mysterious flavoring ingredients and instead squeeze real fruit for a big taste punch.

  • Flat – Their 16 flat, bubble-free tastes are a godsend for those who dislike carbonation or who struggle to meet their recommended daily water consumption.
  • Bubbly – Hint Water comes in a fizzy variation with seven distinct tastes if effervescent is your thing.
  • Caffeine – Hint Kick Waters offers a caffeine boost without the use of sugar or diet sweeteners. Excellent if you want to avoid sugary drinks or can’t drink coffee without adding a lot of calories to make it drinkable.
  • Kids boxes – Parents’ delight! Water can be found in children’s juice cartons! I’m happy that there is now an alternative to sugary juice pouches for school lunches and post-sports game snacks.
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2. Unsweet Hot or Iced Tea

Unsweet Hot or Iced Tea

Unsweetened hot or iced tea is the second best zero-calorie drink. Grab the freshest herbs and ingredients to make a tasty drink rich in antioxidants for your health. Tea is an excellent drink for boosting your immune system, combating inflammation, and preventing illness and cancer. For the best results, use herbal, white, green, black, or oolong tea.

3. Chico Topo

Chico Topo

This is the sparkling water that started it all. My love, the king, the master. Topo Chico is Mexican sparkling mineral water. It’s carbonated naturally and comes in three flavors: plain mineral water, twisted lime, and grapefruit. My favorites are regular mineral water and twisted lime. As someone who has always disliked fizzy beverages, this truly changed my life. Because it has a small amount of salt, it is both refreshing and tasty. But be warned: you will burp uncontrollably.

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4. La Croix Sparkling Water

La Croix Sparkling Water

Pronounced “la-crony,” naturally flavored sparkling water has become more than a fleeting trend; it’s nearly a way of life. With only two ingredients, this zero-calorie drink is an excellent substitute for sugary drinks. Beware, soda drinkers: it takes some getting used to. If your taste buds are used to sugar, it may taste like a fountain drink without the syrup the first time you try it. Your taste buds will change as you consume less processed sugar! I recommend drinking it ice cold from the can to get a crisp, sharp flavor. It can taste just as good as your favorite soda pop with the right flavor (like key lime).

5. KARMA Wellness Water 

KARMA Wellness Water 

This is a delicious probiotic water that contains all six essential vitamins (including A, B, and E.) I bought it for its digestive and immunological health benefits. My favorite feature of this drink is the push cap that contains the active components, which you can release into the water when ready to consume. I personally enjoy the Blueberry Lemonade taste since it is very refreshing, but they also offer eight other varieties, such as Passionfruit Green Tea and Orange Mango.

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6. Virgil’s Zero Sugar Vanilla Cream Soda

Virgil’s Zero Sugar Vanilla Cream Soda

When I tasted it, I was skeptical since I am generally suspicious of reduced-sugar sodas because they usually taste like disappointment. This one, on the other hand, blew my mind. The flavor was delicious and could have easily fooled me into thinking it was ordinary cream soda. I’m a huge fan. If cream soda isn’t your thing, they also offer sugar-free root beer, black cherry, lemon-lime, orange, and cola. Erythritol is used to sweeten Virgil’s Zero Sugar drinks.

7. Kimino

Kimino sparkling water

If you enjoy sparkling water, you’ll enjoy this one. Because it contains actual fruit juice, it has the greatest taste of any sparkling water I’ve tried. This drink comes in two varieties: sparkling water and sparkling juice. Kimono is manufactured in Japan and comes in a variety of delicious tastes. My favorites are the Ume and Ringo, but I’ve tried them all and enjoy them all. They’re a little pricy, but if you enjoy tasting new drinks, this would be an excellent choice.

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8. Bad Athletics Perfect Pick Me Up

Bad Athletics Perfect Pick Me Up

If you prefer water enhancers like Crystal Light and Mio, you’ll love this one. In addition to making your water taste like the sweet nectar of the gods, Bad Athletics Perfect Pick Me Up offers other benefits. It’s naturally flavored and colored, plus it’s packed with Nootropics and B Vitamins to help enhance your mood. It also contains 80mg of PurCaf® Organic Caffeine, which boosts energy. Pick Me Up was created to encourage you to drink more water. This has been the most difficult habit for me to break my whole life. I despise drinking tap water. Please tell me I’m not alone. Bad Athletics Great Pick Me Up comes contains two scoops, allowing you to create your own personal combination of any two flavors.


Some of the world’s healthiest beverages will include no sugar, no calories, and a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Skip low-sugar drinks in favor of something that will provide you with sustained energy throughout the day. Consume no-calorie drinks such as Diet Ginger Ale, Propel Water, and coffee to get the energy boost you need. After a workout or a hard day at work, hydrate your body with one of the healthy, zero-calorie drinks on our list. If you liked this post, you should always read our blog on high-fiber drinks recipes. You will find it quite informative.

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