Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

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Jiggery Pokery’s GodFinger is an interesting Building, Farming, and Single-player god game for the iOS platform alone. The game is about establishing a beautiful planet, managing everything, cultivating various crops, making precious commodities, and fulfilling followers’ requests. It has excellent gameplay and puts the player in the role of the lord, with the ultimate goal of creating a gorgeous planet, growing crops, fruits, and vegetables to feed his people, and completing other duties to move through the game.

The game appears simple, yet it is difficult to master. The player possesses genuine meteor, lighting, and fire-making abilities, among other things. It takes place in a randomly generated universe and contains a large number of stages that the player must accomplish in order to progress in the game. GodFinger has notable features such as Create Beautiful World, various Powers, Unique Procedural Worlds, Touch Controls, and more. You’ll like it if you try it.

1.  Eufloria

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

Omni Systems Limited’s Eufloria is a Physics-based Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform, and Sci-Fi video game, like Godfinger. Eufloria is set in a revolutionary space universe, and the protagonist takes on the role of a Commander of various interstellar species known as Euflorians. Euflorians gather resources from asteroids, and the commander employs several units of Euflorians to solve various puzzles to connect the asteroids through Dyson Seedlings.

Seedlings on asteroids develop throughout time and generate more Dyson Trees, which in turn produce additional seedlings with varying traits and abilities. The commander gathers all of the generated flowers, protective trees, and other troops to utilize as defenses against the enemy. The game provides a fantastic combination of RTS and Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform components, as well as eye-catching visuals, a unique and simple user interface, and a plethora of other fantastic features.

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2.  Artificial Life

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

The second game like Godfinger is Artificial Life. Artificial Life is a fun Life-Simulation and RTS game with an incredible gaming experience. The game allows you to observe the evolution of little creatures, modify the facts based on your rules, and influence how the organisms progress. The organisms in the game are all represented by different colors and shapes, and they are all destined to move in an orbital motion around the sun, killing any organism that gets too close.

Artificial Life is a fantastic game to play and enjoy, with two terrific game types, Sandbox Simulation Mode and Thrive and Survive Mode, superb images, audio, and a highly interesting and immersive game-play. If you want to test out the finest of the best as an alternative to Spore, Artificial Life is your best bet

3.  Pocket God

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

Pocket God is an addicting, Arcade, Single-player Simulation game created and distributed by Bolt Creative. The game is set in a beautiful setting where you must influence the island. In the game, you may take on the character of a leader who governs over a tropical island and has complete authority over everything. It contains several stages, and the basic goal of the game is to have fun. It has several locations where you can explore, control the inhabitants of an island, play mini-games, and uncover hidden mysteries.

Control the primitive islanders, demonstrate your abilities, construct various constructions, and ruin the environment. You can do things like tap to drum and dance, squeeze the sun to modify the temperature, and create a double rainbow. You can draw storm clouds, sharks, and birds, run games, and cracks in the earth. Gain experience points and unlock new content to advance in the game. Pocket God has gorgeous aesthetics, engrossing gameplay, excellent mechanics, and interesting features. You’ll like it if you try it, just like Godfinger

4.  Spore Creatures

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

Spore Creatures is a role-playing, single and multiplayer life simulation game published by Electronic Arts and created by Griptonite Games. The game combines Adventure, God Game, and Science Fiction components. The player grows himself in the game environment by creating creatures and leading them throughout gameplay. On the imaginary planet Tapti, new animals known as Oogies are born in the beginning. The protagonists are two types of critters known as Oogie and Little Oogie. Following progress, a mystery spaceship sails across the earth, endangering numerous species and kidnapping the Little Oogie before flying away.

The player can assume the role of the protagonist, Oogie, whose main objective is to explore the environment, interact with items, and complete a series of stages in order to save Little Oogie. It has up to twelve stages in which the player must defend her pals from foes and confront the adversary, an evil scientist. Spore Creatures is the finest game to play and enjoy, with amazing gameplay, fantastic mechanics, and addicting noises.

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5.  Godus

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

22Cans developed and released Godus for the Android and iOS platforms. It is a single-player god game simulation in which you begin by saving a lady and a guy from drowning. Your final goal is to guide them through several levels and construct a tent in order to proceed through the game. It is set in a beautiful universe with numerous locations throughout the world and features a number of levels with a day/night cycle. In the game as in Godfinger, you may remake the environment to your liking, and you must breed the worker to build as many tents as possible in order to complete your objectives.

As the game progresses, the human population grows, and they build additional tents to dwell in. Explore the planet to learn about new technologies and unlock new levels to build more complex tents to get experience. You have complete control over everything on this Promised Island, including the animals, which you may use to solve mysteries. Create Village, Lead Followers, Meet the Astari, Cast Miracles, and more functions are available in Godus. You’ll adore it if you try it.

6.  Sid Meier’s Colonization

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

MicroProse’s Sid Meier’s Colonization (commonly known as Colonization) is a Turn-based Strategy and Single-player video game, and you guessed it, like Godfinger. The game is set in a historical-themed environment in 1942, and it presents many factions such as the Netherlands, England, Spain, and France. Each faction has its own set of units, skills, and goals. The player must choose his team before entering the globe, where he must explore a randomly created planet and struggle to perform a range of tasks in order to continue through the plot.

The game starts with a ship and two units arriving on a new world, and as the ship goes into an unknown location, the game appears on the screen. The player’s primary goal is to establish his colony, recruit an army, train them, and extend his empire. The player strategizes against his opponents and can defeat them by sending troops to their regions to take over territory and pillage resources. Explore the Americas, Customization, many playable Nations, Manage your Growth, and more elements are included in Sid Meier’s Colonization. Try it out.

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7.  Prune

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

Joel McDonald created Prune, an addicting Puzzle & Single-player video game for mobile devices. The game allows you to release your skills and explore the joy and beauty of gardening. The fundamental goal of the game is to grow and form your tree with a swipe of your finger while avoiding the hazardous environment’s barriers and perils. The game brings the gorgeous scenery to life and allows you to discover the captivating narrative buried beneath the dirt.

There are more than forty-eight levels to visit, each with increasing difficulty. To get points, you must develop three plants and release their flowers into the air. You may sculpt your tree and grow it higher using touch controls to become the master. Other levels will become available when you complete the conditions of the preceding level. The game’s key features are Digital Plant, Minimalist Art, Meditative Soundtracks, Share Screenshots, and so on.

8.  Topia World Builder

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

Topia World Builder is a Life-Simulation game for Android and iOS created and released by Crescent Moon Games. The game allows you to construct a beautiful universe with the touch of your fingers. In the game, you may create your own planet in which you play the role of the monarch and do whatever you like. You can construct massive mountains, rivers, valleys, and seas with your magical fingertips. During the game, you will see thousands of animals spawn, trees grow, and animals live and die on the planet you have created.

The game’s gameplay is simple to learn yet difficult to master. There are two settings available: landscape and portrait. You may resume the game where you left off by using the save option. There are several levels to achieve in order to become the master. During the game, you must raise a massive herd of animals while watching predators destroy other animals. Topia World Builder has key functions including creating oceans, spawning animal types, herding animals, saving the world, changing the color of water and the world, and more. If you like Godfinger, you’ll enjoy this.

9.  A Planet of Mine

Top 9 Games Like Godfinger For iOS

A Planet of Mine is an addictive Strategy Simulation that combines civilization development and exploration with Tuesday Quest’s spaceship. It offers difficult gameplay that deals with travel, mining, building, and dominating components. The game includes novel world generation, species, planets, resource distribution, and other features to present players with previously unseen gameplay.

There are several levels, and each includes a series of tasks that the player must achieve in order to progress through the game and become the master. Throughout the voyage, the player will face AI-controlled groups with whom he or she might trade or battle in order to take over the whole system. The game awards point to the player, which he can then spend to unlock new items and features. A Planet of Mine is the finest game to play and enjoy, with hard gameplay, touch controls, and stunning visuals.

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GodFinger is a simulation game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch made by ngmoco games in which you are the Supreme Ruler of a virtual world where all the residents worship and work for you as you take care of them. You can cultivate flora, manage the light and rain, and put up structures for your followers to work in to earn Gold, which you can use to buy additional stuff, all with the touch of a finger. Awe and Mana allow you to be a loving, forgiving ruler, or to make people shiver in horror as you destroy everything and re-create your World. Play with your Facebook and Plus+ buddies to become the Supreme Ruler.

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