Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Gaming Headset Review

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A good headset is a must-have for any gamer since it helps us delve deeper into the magnificent worlds created by the developers for our enjoyment. It could also help competitive gamers receive more detailed information about their surroundings as they challenge other gamers online or in a lan competition. That is why many gaming equipment companies have started a race to make the best gaming headset while keeping it as cheap as possible.

Of course, when something is labeled as “gaming” material, it automatically doubles or even triples in price while also receiving unnecessary RGB lights anywhere possible. But there are some companies that make decent gaming headsets without taking it too far, and the Turtle Beach Stealth series certainly belongs to this category.

If you are looking to purchase a gaming headset or if you have decided on buying a Turtle Beach Stealth 300 gaming headset and are only looking for online reviews to confirm your purchase, then follow us below as we provide a detailed analysis of the capabilities of this particular gaming headset and get to compare it to its predecessors and other rivals that are on the same level.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 300: Price and Performance

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Gaming Headset Review

First and foremost, we should see loose should our purses be if we want to buy one of these gaming headsets. The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 does not come cheap at all as it is priced at around 150 Australian dollars, which seems to be the price a gamer must pay if they want to get an acceptable sound quality that is worthy of a gamer. The main problem, however, lies in the performance, as the headset requires a battery even though it is a wired variant of the Stealth series.

Of course, the 26-hour continuous battery life is considered to be quite decent, which is increased even further thanks to the auto-off feature that helps conserve power when the headset is inactive for too long. While the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 allows gamers to cycle through built-in sound presets using the mode button on the right ear cup, it still lacks the level of customization that is expected from a proper gaming headset.

Mic, wire, and ear cups

Perhaps the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 gaming headset’s main success lies in its microphone quality, which lives up to the billing despite its shorter length compared to mic length on other gaming headsets. Mic quality is of utmost importance for online gamers as it helps them communicate with their teammates and even rivals with better sound quality, and sound quality is everything in a gaming community.

The length and quality of the wire are decent enough. However, a wired headset could be limiting for some in general as many are used to wireless headsets instead. Of course, it is believed that wired headsets provide a much better sound quality, which could be true if the right price is paid for the premium sound quality. The size of the ear cups on Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is another positive point about the headset, as it is big enough to support and provide comfort for ears of all shapes and sizes.

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Overall build quality

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Gaming Headset Review

It seems that many have shown their discontent over the build quality of Turtle Beach headsets in general. The company’s higher-end series might look to the unassuming eye, but the general build quality of their headsets seems to be cheaper than what they actually cost. Most of their products have that plastic and cheap feel to them, which heavily affects a gamer’s mood.

The ideal quality standards of almost every gamer demand there be a minimal quality level for almost any product they purchase, even if they don’t get to spend significant amounts of money on a certain product. Now let us analyze the overall build quality of other gaming brands, such as Corsair, Razer, and HyperX, all of which have products in the same price range.

Similar options

Two of the options that the gamers have aside from the TBS 300 are the HyperX HX-HSCS Stringer Gaming Headset and the Razer BlackShark V2 X gaming headset, both of which seem to provide a better experience for gamers with a better overall build quality. Of course, the Razer model is a bit more expensive than TBS 300, but this price difference makes all the difference in the world as it makes the former model more comfortable than the latter. That is so considering the fact that TBS 300 is already a comfortable gaming headset.

Even though these two models have a better performance, the matter of price could prove too vital for many gamers, which is why Turtle Beach’s product could still be favored by many, and you too can opt to purchase this cheaper model simply because it is cheaper and you do not need any unnecessary accessibility features.

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Final verdict

All gamers need a decent headset to fully immerse themselves into the world they are playing in, which is why we all meticulously analyze the gaming headset we want to purchase. With that in mind, we got to provide a detailed review of the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 gaming headset to see if it is actually worth spending more than a hundred Australian dollars on it.

According to the available data and the hands-on experience we got with the product, it is safe to say that the TBS 300 does, in fact, live up to the billing if you are looking for a rather cheap option when it comes to gaming headsets in general. While there are similar products released by the likes of Corsair, Razer, and HyperX, all of which showcase a better overall build quality and a relatively better performance, the TBS 300 is still a reliable option if the budget is tight. In the end, we’d like to ask you read our blog on 8 best gaming projectors of 2023. You will find it highly informative.

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