Uncovering the Characteristics of Sailor Saturn: 5 Key Questions  

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The manga industry is one of the greatest exports of Japan in the 21st century thanks to the numerous artworks created by some of the most well-known writers in the world. Thanks to the sheer number of mangas created throughout the years, we have had the pleasure of enjoying all kinds of stories and plots by reading hundreds of mangas. The Sailor Moon manga series is, without a doubt, one of the better-performing and more memorable works of art, which is created by Naoko Takeuchi.  Sailor Moon or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon follows the adventures of a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino, who has the ability to transform herself into the eponymous character to search for a certain artifact. Just like any other story, Sailor Moon contains several supporting Sailor Senshi, one of which is Sailor Saturn. Sailor Saturn is one of the deep and mysterious characters of the whole story, thanks to the limited number of times she appears throughout the story.

With her special weapon called The Silence Glaive, Sailor Saturn possesses immense power and is capable of great things, according to the lore. That is why when fans get a character as deep and mysterious as Sailor Saturn, they surely come up with several questions about her past, present, future, and very being. That is why we have set sail to answer some of the unanswered questions about Sailor Saturn. So, follow us below as we go deeper to find out more about this rather interesting character.

Did she have an alternative name?

Did Sailor Saturn have an alternative name?

Translation sometimes requires translators to even change names in order to better suit the target culture and the target language. Hence almost all of the characters in the Sailor Moon anime from the 1990s had new names. Of course, Hotaru managed to keep her own name, but even she failed to hold on to her own name when a teen magazine gave her a new one. This led to outrage amongst the series’ fans and forced the publishers – who had changed her name to Jenny – to revert back to her original name for her following appearances.

Does her civilian form have any abilities?

Does her civilian form have any abilities?

Sailor Saturn’s civilian form, Hotaru, has detailed visions in an almost prophetic manner, which means that she can foresee details about her future. She also has the ability to project images for others to see. Her projection powers are so strong that she can literally project anything she wants all around the room for other Sailor Senshi to see. This unique ability has always been an intriguing point of discussion for some fans as it certainly gives Hotaru a special place amongst other civilian forms.

Is she aptly named Sailor Saturn?

Is she aptly named Sailor Saturn?

As you might already know, Saturn is the name of a Greko-Roman deity who is the god of harvest, wealth, and rebirth. While some might laugh about the possibility of Sailor Saturn having anything to do with wealth and harvest, it could be easy for them to miss the fact that she, too, has the ability to harvest and “destroy” everything in order to restart the cycle and cause a rebirth and a new beginning.

Did she help defend the Moon Kingdom?

Did Sailor Saturn help defend the Moon Kingdom?

It is not quite clear how actively involved Sailor Saturn had been in defense of the first Moon Kingdom since she was, in fact, conscious during the kingdom’s height. Sailor Saturn was originally supposed to act as the reset button if there were no hope of saving the world. That is why she had dozed off in the castle of her home planet prior to the fall of the Moon Kingdom. With her powerful weapon, the Silence Glaive, Sailor Saturn destroyed everything in order to enable everyone to experience rebirth, but only after giving enough time to help Queen Serenity’s reincarnation magic to work properly.

How is her personality unique from other Sailor Senshi?

How is her personality unique from other Sailor Senshi?

When a teen takes on their Sailor Senshi form in the Sailor Moon series, her past and present lives fuse to make one person, without enabling the teen to remember everything from their history. That is the case for most Sailor Senshi and their civilian forms, with Sailor Venus being the one to remember the most details in comparison to others. However, Sailor Saturn is the only Senshi that has an entirely different character from their civilian form, which means that the two have distinct personalities. The reason behind this phenomenon is the fact that Sailor Saturn’s soul exists apart from that of Hotaru, even though she has been reincarnated in Hotaru’s body. That is why Hotaru is able to independently and, at times, willingly remember memories as Sailor Saturn in human form.


Sailor Moon, a manga and anime series, is one of the most beloved works of art in Japanese culture. So it is no surprise that many would have all types of questions about the characters inside this bizarre world, especially for a character such as Sailor Saturn, who certainly has her own special abilities and unique personality traits. We tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that roam the internet and boggle the minds of the readers and the viewers. Sailor Saturn’s characteristics, as derived from the Greko-Roman deity Saturn, make her a true wonder of the Sailor Moon universe, and we surely hope to see more of her in the future. If you liked this post, you should also read our blog on the Collector’s character in the Owl House. You’ll find it highly informative.  

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