Water Heater Igniter Won’t Spark? The 5 Most Common Causes

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You’re wearing your coziest socks, your scarf is snugly wrapped over your neck and shoulders, and the air is crisp. There is a yearly influx of new people into the industry. What you should do next is the question. When you have a broken furnace, the first thing that comes to mind is to bring in specialists to fix it – which is never a terrible idea. But did you know there are a few things you should think about before calling for furnace repair?

The furnace not working can be pretty inconvenient since your home is cold. It’s even more aggravating when you can hear the heater turning on and preparing to emit toasty hot air… But nothing occurs after that. Most contemporary model furnaces are built for long-term durability (assuming proper maintenance) and are one of the most expensive and necessary appliances in practically every home.

Reasons for your gas furnace not working might be complex or straightforward. While you should generally leave complicated problems like thermocouples, wiring, heat exchangers, and blower motors to a competent expert, you should check a few things before calling a certified HVAC contractor for furnace repair assistance. Before attempting to repair a broken furnace that won’t start, determine the type of furnace you have. Forced air and gas (propane, fuel oil, and natural gas) furnaces are the most frequent in this area.

Having a faulty piezo igniter

Water Heater Igniter Won't Spark? The 5 Most Common Causes

The majority of water heaters use gas to fire their igniters. There will be no light in the water heater if the igniter is not working correctly. In most situations, the heater igniter receives inadequate voltage to power the device. The best approach to deal with this scenario is to ensure that the igniter receives the necessary voltage. If the igniter gets voltage, but the heater does not fire, this indicates that the igniter is faulty. If this is the case, it must be changed by a qualified technician. A competent specialist may repair the igniter without causing more harm to the machine.

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Having a faulty spark electrode

The spark electrode is used in certain water heaters to start the ignition. The system operates by transmitting signals or high-voltage sparks to light the pilot flame. However, in order for the electrode to create the spark, it must be in the optimal possible location. If the spark electrode is faulty, the water heater will not function. In such cases, you must locate a skilled contractor who can assist you in adequately replacing the damaged spark electrode.

Thermocouple problems

Water Heater Igniter Won't Spark? The 5 Most Common Causes

The thermocouple is essential in the water heater. It detects the pilot flame and allows lighting. However, if the thermocouple is faulty, it will fail to see a flame, causing the ignition process to stall and the burner to fail to light. Finding a professional contractor to assist you with thermocouple troubles is the best method to cope with such a problem. Because they have the necessary tools, they may be able to resolve the problem quickly.

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Pressure switch failure

Another possibility for your water pressure igniter of the furnace not working is a faulty pressure switch. The pressure switch’s job is to close when the water heater system has enough airflow. Closing the pressure switch instructs the control board to resume the ignition operation. However, if the system fails, it will stall, which may result in the water heater not igniting.

In most circumstances, a failed pressure switch is caused by faulty parts or a bad connection. All of these problems may be resolved if you hire the correct contractor to manage the system. The specialist will figure out the cause of your pressure switch malfunctioning and fix it.

The pilot isn’t turning on

The pilot in the water heater system’s job is to light the gas burner on the water heater. As a result, if the pilot does not ignite, the water heater will not heat.

As a result, the water heater igniter will not spark. One of the most prevalent causes of the pilot, not lighting is the accumulation of carbon deposits surrounding it. When the buildup becomes excessive, a limit is imposed. If the problem is a limited pilot light, you may quickly resolve it by cleaning the accumulation with a sharp brush or compressed air.

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Reasons for your water heater igniter not sparking are discussed. When you understand why something is happening, it will be much easier to devise solutions. Do not attempt to repair the heater’s igniter if you are not a professional contractor. You will need to conduct your research to identify an experienced contractor who can inspect the heater for serviceability and efficiency. The proper contractor will diagnose the issue and assist you in repairing the water heater igniter.

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