What Are The Benefits Of Timber Cladding?

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Timber cladding is an exceptionally multipurpose material, great for including in building designs and producing prominent façades. Sourced sustainably and lasting many years, timber cladding is an ideal material option for many types of projects. But what are the benefits of timber cladding? Let’s find out!

Timber cladding can last a long time

The first one among the many benefits of timber cladding is its durability. If you are in search of materials that will last the years then timber cladding is for you. If placed carefully and treated suitably, timber cladding can easily last between 40-60 years, if not more.

Timber cladding looks wonderful

Undoubtedly, beauty is another one of the benefits of timber cladding. The timber combines well with natural surroundings, generating a smooth blend between the environment and buildings. It brings nature into urban settings, terminating the mundane. Timber cladding makes amazing façades, catching the eye of any pedestrian. It’s also timeless (like these kinds of subway tiles). No wonder timber cladding is so liked by architects!

Timber cladding is maintainable

As timber is a naturally sustainable material, endlessly replaced as trees grow, timber cladding is a maintainable solution. Another unbelievable environmental benefit of timber cladding is that it is necessarily carbon neutral. Trees naturally attract CO2 and release oxygen, balancing any emissions far better than other popular building materials.

Timber cladding has health advantages

There is a reason timber cladding is well-liked for modern education and commercial builds, and it’s not just because it looks great. Timber cladding has been proved to have health advantages from decreasing stress to improving productivity. Whether designing a hospital or education center, architects can impress by including it and allowing users to enjoy the benefits of timber cladding.

Timber cladding is dynamic

Timber cladding doesn’t have to show on a build as strips of wood. In fact, timber cladding can be employed in a variety of ways, coming in a range of profiles and ends according to build design. There are many various applications of timber cladding.

Why not incorporate timber shingles into your build? A fabulous replacement for traditional roof or wall tiles, timber shingles are a fantastic addition to any building.

Timber cladding naturally changes over time

Weathering is the process whereby timber cladding alters in appearance over time because of the effect of environmental conditions. While this may seem like a harmful thing, weathering can be a great occurance, naturally transforming the appearance of your cladding and giving it a beautiful grey sheen.

If you aren’t so interested in weathering, there are methods you can apply to timber cladding to decelerate the process. The pressure method is a wonderful solution to slowing weathering as it protects the timber without decreasing its natural beauty.

Timber cladding has many variations

There are many types to select from for your ideal timber cladding. From British Larch to Canadian Western Red Cedar, there is a specie available to suit every build.

Apart from budget, durability, and a whole host of factors impacting species choice, appearance plays a key role in the final decision.

Timber cladding acts as insulation

Timber cladding is efficient for both heat and sound insulation, trapping heat and guaranteeing sound does not escape. Better at keeping heat than concrete, steel, and aluminum, timber cladding is both practically and aesthetically ideal for buildings. As far as benefits of timber cladding go, that one is pretty essential.

Efficient insulation from timber cladding and shingles decreases the reliance on heating and cooling systems in a building, upgrading environmentally friendly energy usage.

It’s easy to install

– As a rule, timber cladding is not heavy. So, installing it won’t be that hard. It can also be pretty flexible and strong at the same time, which means it will be as durable and as long-lasting as it should be.

It can help you save some money

– Considering how multi-purpose, durable, and efficient timber cladding is, it can be logically expected that they’ll be able to make you some financial savings in the long run.

It is eco-friendly

– Timber is a very environmental-friendly building material. It is produced from sustainable and renewable sources, which means using them won’t damage the environment. In addition, timber cladding does not need as much fossil fuel, juxtaposed to other cladding methods.

One more thing: if the time comes that your timber cladding won’t be helpful anymore, you can easily recycle it for other goals. Timber is a very great recyclable material, and Mother Earth would definitely agree with you on that. So being eco-friendly is another one of the benefits of timber cladding.

It can help increase your property’s value

It is an accepted rule that the more beautiful a structure is, the higher its value will be. And considering how timber cladding can make your home or building more appealing and more beautiful, you can logically expect that it can help to increase your building’s resale value as well.

Cost and acoustic sounds

In comparison with other exterior finishing choices like aluminum and concrete, wood cladding is cost-efficient because wood is more inexpensive. Wood is also cheap to sustain, and with its existing insulation features, Timber Cladding decreases energy bills. The siding you select can also help in preserving your house nice and warm. Some materials help noise to filter through the walls. But timber cladding filters and reduces noises since wood has good sound absorption.

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