What Does DWS Mean on Snapchat?

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If you are new to Snapchat and feel as though you are practically confused due to all of these new acronyms, be assured that you are not alone in this feeling. Even if there are some terminologies that are universally used throughout all social media platforms, there are also other terms that are exclusive to certain sites. In this post, we’re going to talk about the meaning of “dws” on Snapchat. Continue reading to learn about this trendy acronym and boost your knowledge of Snapchat slang.

Common uses of Snapchat’s “DWS” slang

In the event that you have come across the abbreviation “dws” being used on Snapchat, you may be confident that it does not refer to the “Drinking Water Standard” or the “Department of Women’s Studies.” Unless, of course, you happen to be on a page that specifically addresses any of these issues! On Snapchat, DWS can refer to any one of the following three things:

  • dealing with shit
  • dripping with sarcasm
  • dats wassup

For example, if someone were to say something along the lines of, “Oh, you didn’t know that you need to work every week until you retire! They are being sarcastic when they say “Dws.” But when your friend shares something that hints to them going through rough times in their life with “dws,” it’s possible that they need some support from you.

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1. Dealing with shit

To put it in simple words, it refers to being able to deal with the strain or stress that has been forced upon you by life. While you are doing “dws,” we won’t judge you if you wish to limit the amount of time you spend interacting with other people. And in order to send the message to everyone else on Snapchat, here is how you may do it:

A friend asked, “Hey, would you guys be interested in hanging out at Danny’s apartment tonight?

You: “Can’t! Dws right now.”

2. Dripping with sarcasm

If you are proficient in sarcasm, you will find that after learning the meaning of “dws”, you will sue it in a far greater proportion of your interactions. On the other hand, you are well aware that others do not always find it so easy to comprehend sarcasm. Therefore, you should think of “dws” as something you use to make the joke clearer to the audience! Let’s have a look at a concrete example.

Friend: “Abby has not been picking up the phone when I call her since the last time we saw each other.”

You: “That is really inconsiderate of him, especially since he caught you in the act with Mia the day before.” Dws.”

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3. Dats wassup

It is an abbreviation that you use to talk to other people about what you are doing at the present time. It’s possible that you need to turn down their offer or their plans; simply say “dws”! The following is an example of how you should utilize “dws” in your interactions:

What are you going to be doing tonight, friend? Come over to my house.”

You: “I have a ton of homework that I need to finish.” Dws tonight.”ently 


It is my sincere hope that the Snapchat abbreviation “dws” will no longer appear to be overly challenging to you. And if you still come across any other usage of “dws” or something else that you aren’t quite sure how to interpret, all you have to do is send the person a text message and ask them! That way, you won’t be misinterpreting the message at all. After learning the meaning of “dws”, it time you learned the meaning of “wrd” on Snapchat. Don’t hesitate to send over the nice new terms you’ve learned on Snapchat. We’d love to read them.

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