What Does JP Mean on Snapchat?

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The number of platforms that allow users to share photos and videos is growing, yet, Snapchat continues to be one of the most popular options. Although it’s a lot of fun to share photos and videos with others, doing so for the first time might be somewhat intimidating. A newcomer may not understand some of the terminology used there. You must have come across the acronym “JP” when browsing through the stories, messages, or comments on Snapchat. It is almost identical to the abbreviation “JK,” which stands for “just kidding.” It’s possible you’ve seen it written by some people with a / in between the two letters. The majority of individuals do this so they can save energy and time when texting. On the other hand, there is a group of users that take pleasure in using slang on Snapchat and other social media sites. Please continue reading below to learn how to use the ‘JP’ slang on Snapchat. A new meaning for the abbreviation will also be given to you, which may come to you as a surprise.

What exactly is “JP”?

The abbreviation ‘JP’ stands for the term “just playing.” A Snapchat user, for instance, can use it as a response to a prior statement or comment by saying, “just playing.” The statement or comment that was made previously may come across as strange, confusing, or unpleasant. It is a joke if it is followed by the letters “JP.” Obviously, it doesn’t have to be hilarious or make you fall down laughing in order for you to find it entertaining. It is a strategy for preventing someone from taking offence to a statement or comment that you made earlier in the conversation. If the circumstances call for it, you may be able to provide an explanation at times. You are free to say something like, “Hey, friend, JP.” I wasn’t being serious! The significance of what you stated before will be diminished by saying that. When compared to ‘JK,’ which is more often seen across most platforms, the long form of ‘JP’ can be more difficult to understand. The vast majority of newcomers will be confused and try to look for an explanation.

How is the slang “JP” used?

You can use ‘JP’ on Snapchat in the same manner that you would use it in discussion with any other person. It is a simple and easy technique to let someone know that you weren’t serious about what you stated earlier in the conversation. On the other hand, this is not an apology. Even if you sound insulting, it demonstrates that you don’t want the other person to feel that way about themselves! When having a discussion with a friend on Snapchat, using the slang “JP” is a fantastic method to try to take back anything you’ve said in the past without actually doing it.

When should you use the Snapchat term “JP”?

The abbreviation “JP” is an effective method to back out of a statement or comment that you didn’t mean to be taken as seriously. On Snapchat, you can utilize the acronym in a few different ways, including the following:

  • When you wish to lighten direct insults by hinting that it was all jokes, even if you mean the insults after putting “JP.’
  • When you are having a conversation with preps, and you become certain that you have said something ridiculous.
  • When you are joking around with another person.
  • When you are being completely serious, yet you are aware that what you just said was blatantly rude.
  • When you admit something, and the other person reacts negatively or humorously to your admission of guilt. You can also use “JP” w
  • When making comments or asking questions and using the response of the other person as a gauge to choose how to proceed with the next statement.

How to reply to a “JP” text when it’s sent to you

You have the option of responding to a “JP” with a sigh or a humorous emoji whenever someone sends it to you. It demonstrates that you are not upset by the assertions or comments that they have made. Their prior statements can sometimes be seen as disrespectful. You are free to convey your surprise and let them know how deeply what they said has affected you. It is possible that the sender will feel guilty and offer an apology. For the sake of maintaining your sanity, you can choose to ignore or block them if they are getting on your nerves.

Other meanings of the acronym “JP”

It is possible to refer to the film “Jurassic Park,” which is a dinosaur thriller, by its acronym, “JP.” It is a groundbreaking film and has had a large amount of success over the years. The most recent instalment, titled The Fallen Kingdom, is its most recent sequel.


Slang and Snapchat are practically inseparable from one another. Acronyms are becoming increasingly popular among users, and new ones appear every single day. After the success of its predecessor, “JK,” the abbreviation “JP”, is quickly gaining popularity. You should use this when what you are saying is a joke, even if you are serious. I hope this article helped you understand the meaning behind the slang “JP” and its difference with “JK”.

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