What Does “KMS” Mean on Snapchat?

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What does KMS on Snapchat stand for?  Did you know the meaning or are you hearing this for the first time? Snapchat is always experiencing modifications. Despite the fact that Snapchat is involved in criticism, we continue to see new filters, features, strange terminologies, and, of course, new users! And, in addition to the new Snap chatters, the old ones are having difficulty keeping up with the changes! It’s perfectly normal and acceptable if you don’t know what KMS stands for. You’re not alone. And you don’t have to force yourself to remember all of these abbreviations! Each abbreviation has multiple potential meanings, and it is impossible to remember them all! Continue reading to find out more about ‘KMS’ and how to use it on Snapchat. Other meanings of the acronym that you may not know are listed below.

KMS on Snapchat

Meanings of KMS

I’ll explain the meaning of KMS on Snapchat below. I hope you are able to properly use these abbreviations into your texts to appear hip and intelligent! Also, make sure to read all the way to the end of this post. Because, as previously stated, KMS has several meanings that are used in different contexts. You must avoid using KMS in an improper manner. If that happens, your efforts to appear cool will be ineffective.

1- Kill myself

This is the most commonly-inferred meaning of KMS. Kill Myself is mostly used by teenagers and adults to convey excessive sentiments of dissatisfaction and discontent. It is used when someone is so irritated that they would rather die. Furthermore, the individual who uses KMS  on Snapchat does not intend to die in the literal sense. The following example will demonstrate how to use KMS:

Bella: Kate is also going to the party.

Bianca: Oh my God! I’d rather KMS than see her face again!

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2- Kiss me silly

KMS on Snapchat

The word “silly” in Kiss Me Silly alludes to something that should be repeated until the receiver on the other end can’t take it any longer. Kiss Me Silly is so used when someone wants to be kissed repeatedly. Isn’t it romantic?

Mary Jane: You literally saved my life…

Peter Parker: How could I not?

Mary Jane: KMS

3- Softly Killing Me

Killing Me Softly is used when you have to do or suffer something unpleasant and inconvenient. But failing to do so will cost you more. So, you can’t even opt out of that annoyance. Alternatively, you must suffer it.

Bella: How did you find your history class?

Jake: The instructor, KMS, was rambling on about 17th-century warfare.

Oh, and Killing Me Softly is both a popular Fugees song and an erotic movie.

4- Hot Make-Out Session

You can use KMS on Snapchat to describe your incredibly passionate kissing encounter with your sweetheart! It might also mean Killer Make-Out Session! This acronym will help in communicating the intensity! Let’s have a look at the example below.

Anne: How did things work out with him?

Rose: Oh, we did enjoy a KMS!

5- Kiss My Swag

Kiss My Swag is a newer alternative of kiss my ass. It’s used to express sarcasm or I don’t give a crap about what you’re saying. For example, we all know someone who makes derogatory remarks about things! It may be rather annoying. However, the next time they do it, simply say KMS and move on!

Karen: Oh, Rob! That T-shirt is hideous! My pet has a nicer one!

Rob: Karen, it’s just KMS.

6- Kill Me Slowly

No, when someone uses KMS on Snapchat, they are not wishing to be slowly slaughtered. It is used to indicate impatience, aggravation, disapproval, and other emotions. Those sentiments are so powerful or excessive that a person would prefer to be dead than deal with them.

Laura: Have you prepared for today’s exam?

Edward: No way! I entirely forgot about it! KMS, please.

There are also other songs with the title “Kill Me Slowly.”

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So, KMS is most commonly used as an acronym for ‘Kill Me.’ It is an extreme reaction to a negative or unpleasant experience. KMS is typically used in a sarcastic, lighthearted manner. Although individuals do not wish to die when they say it, the use of KMS can be frightening and upsetting. As a result, use KMS with caution.

The origin of the KMS slang

“KMS” first appeared on Twitter in early 2009, maybe to communicate a range of emotions, such as annoyance or anger, in less than 140 characters. Since then, teenagers have begun to use “KMS” as a humorous or sarcastic way to be obnoxious. Teenagers sometimes use private messaging applications such as iMessage, WhatsApp, or Snapchat to mention “KMS” because their friends find it amusing.

When Should You Use ‘KMS’ on Snapchat?

KMS is a dramatic statement that communicates your extreme reaction. It’s crazy. On Snapchat, you can use the acronym in the following situations:

  • When pretending to be enraged on Snapchat at a friend or love partner.
  • On a more severe level, it might be a suicide attempt or a means to express sadness, melancholy, or disgust.
  • A more intense display of your rage.
  • if you want to overreact to unpleasant situations
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The reason Snapchat is so appealing to its users is most likely because of acronyms. The more we use these slang expressions, the more we hear them. Who knows, maybe this language soon take over the internet in the future. KMS is not meant to be a negative or derogatory word until it is used in that context. It is just a reaction to anything unpleasant or annoying. Now that you know everything about “KMS ” on Snapchat, you won’t be perplexed when encountering the term in a post. I hope you now understand more Snapchat abbreviations than you did previously. You may use it to unload your frustration in response to anything offensive on social media. It’s very fun!

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