What Does ‘No Location Found’ Mean in Find My on IPhone?

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Have you ever used the Find My app on your iPhone and see a small notification with the words “No location found” next to the name of a contact? Are you unsure of what it signifies or what to do as a result and wonder what no location found means? This tutorial will explain the causes of the “No location found” message that shows on your iPhone and provide some troubleshooting advice in case the problem persists. To learn all about this subject, keep reading.

What Does ‘No Location Found’ Mean?

If the iPhone’s Find My app displays no location, there are several possible explanations. For instance, location services could be deactivated or your phone could be off.

You can view your location on a map using location services on your phone. It also makes it possible for you to reconnect with acquaintances who are nearby. However, a common error message on the Find My app for iPhone users is “No location found.” A bad network connection or other causes may result in this (more on this later).

What Does ‘No Location Found’ Mean?

How Does ‘No Location Found’ Signify?

Basically, this error message indicates that the location services on your device or the device of your contact are not working properly. Additionally, the No location detected error may display if your device has a bug or if the time and date are not correctly set.

Why Can’t the Find My App Locate You?

iPhone users can connect to family and friends with the location-based Find My app. Using an Apple device, such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad, you can communicate with them using this app. However, if you experience problems with your smartphone, particularly with the Find My app, the settings may be incorrect and require adjustment. With the release of iOS 13 in 2019, the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps were combined.

The most recent version of the Find My app features a grey backdrop with a sizable green circle and a little blue dot in the center. Ask Siri for assistance if you’re having trouble finding the app on your phone.

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1. Inaccurate dates and times

Inaccurate dates and times

The time and date on your friend’s device must be automatically configured for this location-sharing feature to work. If they don’t have the correct time and date configured in their cellphone settings, they won’t be able to share their address with anyone. The option to automatically alter the time and date allows users to avoid manually changing this information.

2. Their phone doesn’t have internet access.

What does no location found mean?

In order to successfully communicate their whereabouts using the Find My app or iMessage, your friends’ phones must be online. In the Find My app, a notice that reads “No location found” may indicate that your contact isn’t online. The user must be connected to the servers in order to send data through iMessage, which runs on servers.

3. There is no internet connection on your iPhone.

There is no internet connection on your iPhone.

Similarly, you need to connect your phone to the internet in order to obtain someone’s position. You will be connected to the iMessage server to observe the location of the person whenever they successfully share their address with you.

If your mobile device isn’t properly connected to the internet, the No location found notification will appear.

4. They ceased sharing their location.

When your friends tell you where they are, they have the option to voluntarily discontinue sharing their coordinates at any time. If you were previously able to view someone’s position but are now unable to, it may be because they have decided to cease sharing their location with you.

5. The Find My app does not have them signed in.

You must both be signed into the Find My app as well as your family members’ or friends’ accounts in order to share their locations. However, they won’t be visible on the platform and you won’t be able to see where they are if they don’t have a Find My account.

6. Their signal is lost.

To share location data, a phone signal is required. Even with location sharing enabled, if your contacts are in an area without network connectivity, they won’t be able to let you know where they are.

7. They have turned off their cell phone.

You will see the message “No location found” on your iPhone if someone gives you their address but leaves their phone off. They should have their phone turned on in order to receive a live location using the Find My app or iMessage.

8. Their batteries died.

Their batteries died

To share a user’s location, their mobile device must be turned on. You will receive the error warning if they run out of battery and their phone goes down, though.

The Find My app won’t be able to access the device to determine the contact’s location, and they won’t be able to connect to the iMessage server.

9. They’ve turned on airplane mode.

Airplane mode on mobile devices prevents them from receiving or making text messages or phone calls. The gadget can be used in airplane mode, sometimes referred to as offline mode, while it isn’t connected to the internet.

When someone turns on this mode, it is the same as turning the gadget off, and their whereabouts are no longer tracked.

10. They’ve quit their iCloud account.

On the iPhone, the “Share My Location” option is only accessible if you have signed in with your Apple ID and are running a current version of iOS.

Additionally, you won’t be able to see someone’s location if they are not connected to iCloud. The only option, then, is to convince them to log into iCloud and then give you their locations. When someone changes phones or upgrades their phone, they frequently have to sign into all of the iCloud and Location functions again.

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1. There is a bug with the Find My app or iMessage.

The Find My app aims to make it easier for you to locate your loved ones. You should be able to see the whereabouts of your contacts if they have signed up for the Find My app and you have internet access.

The Find My and iMessage applications occasionally experience bugs that prevent you from seeing someone’s location. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about a glitch because they can be fixed, and most glitches go away quickly.

12. The app cannot pinpoint the precise location.

The app cannot pinpoint the precise location

The Find My app occasionally has trouble pinpointing the exact position. If someone is in a remote place where the GPS signal is poor, this is feasible. Additionally, the GPS signal may be blocked if someone is within a structure. If this happens, leave the building or relocate to a different area. These were all the potential causes of the problem that your Find My app is displaying. Let’s now examine the solutions to these causes.

How to Repair iPhone ‘No Location Found’?

If you are experiencing the “No Location Found” issue on your iPhone, you can try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem:

1. Check Location Services:

Check Location Services
  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Privacy.”
  • Tap on “Location Services” and ensure that it is enabled.
  • Scroll through the list of apps and make sure the app you’re using that requires location services is allowed to access your location.

2. Enable Wi-Fi and Cellular Data:

Enable Wi-Fi and Cellular Data
  • Make sure that Wi-Fi or cellular data is enabled on your iPhone.
  • Without an internet connection, your iPhone may have difficulty determining your location.
  • Go to the Settings app and tap on “Wi-Fi” or “Cellular” to ensure they are turned on.

3. Restart Location Services:

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on “Privacy” and then “Location Services.”
  • Toggle off the “Location Services” switch and wait for a few seconds.
  • Toggle it back on and check if the issue is resolved.

4. Reset Network Settings:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on “General” and then “Reset.”
  • Select “Reset Network Settings” and enter your passcode if prompted.
  • This will reset your network settings, including Wi-Fi passwords, so make sure to reconnect to Wi-Fi networks afterward.

5. Update iOS:

 Update iOS
  • Outdated software can sometimes cause issues with location services.
  • Go to the Settings app, tap on “General,” and then “Software Update.”
  • If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.

6. Reset Location & Privacy Settings:

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on “General” and then “Reset.”
  • Select “Reset Location & Privacy” and enter your passcode if prompted.
  • This will reset your location and privacy settings to their default values.

7. Contact Apple Support:

Contact Apple Support
  • If the above steps do not resolve the issue, it’s recommended to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store.
  • They can provide further assistance and determine if there is a hardware issue with your iPhone.

Remember to back up your iPhone before performing any resets or contacting support to ensure your data is safe.

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Now, you know the meaning of the phrase “no location found.” Don’t forget to tell us which solution worked the best for you in the comments section.  If you found this blog informative, you may also like to read our blog on charging Apple watch without a charger. You will find it highly informative.

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