What Does OML Mean on Snapchat in 2023 ?

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Snapchat is a social media platform that is always buzzing with the latest news. It could be an addition to its Lens or a new way to capture moments with minimal effort. Snapchat is the app you can rely on to keep you up to date on all the latest trends. Every day, there are numerous new trends emerging like: FS, DWS, ERM, Wht, WRD, JP.

It can be difficult to keep track of each and every one of them. We have a new slang word to add to our ever-growing list of trending slang words. What does “OML” on Snapchat mean? OML is the newest slang that has everyone scratching their heads in 2022. Are you confused about what it means? Are you too shy to ask someone what it means? I understand how awkward it can feel. So, here’s a quick rundown of what OML means on Snapchat.

What Does OML On Snapchat Mean?

OML on Snapchat

“OML” is a new way of saying “OMG” that a lot of us are already familiar with. ‘OML!’ is an acronym for ‘Oh My Lord!’ It’s used to express surprise or frustration. It is used when the word ‘Woah’ is insufficient to express your feelings. Especially your annoyance or complete surprise at the news your friend just told you. It is an expression that signifies shock or irritation.

To be honest, it’s the quickest and easiest expression to type. It will immediately convey your emotions to your friends. You can also use “OML” when you’re feeling grateful. To put it in a nutshell, “OML” is a catch-all phrase that can be used in almost any scenario.

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How Can I Use OML on Snapchat?

So, now that you know what OML on Snapchat means let’s look at how you can use it. You can use “OML” in the same way that you would “LOL” while chatting with your friend. Here are some examples of how you can use this expression:

OML. Never again!

OML. That is incredible!

How should you react To OML?

There is no correct or incorrect way to respond to OML on Snapchat. You know how your friend feels about the news if you talk to them. If it’s a good thing, you know they’re on your side. You are also aware of anything that irritates them. So it all comes down to the context in which you use it. Here are two simple phrases you can use in response  to OML:

Thanks a lot, babe.

I know, right!

Other Meanings of the Word “OML”

OML on Snapchat

While the term “OML” is most commonly used to mean “Oh my Lord,” there are other ways to use it on Snapchat. This may cause misunderstanding in certain cases as your audience might not interpret the word as you expected. So, let’s see what other meanings OML has.

OML stands for “Oh, My Love.”

“OML” is a term of endearment that can be used to express affection for someone. Often used as a complement to “I love you” and “love ya.” OML is ideal for showing your SO (significant other) that you care without being overly sentimental.

Stands for “Only My Luck”

Have you ever had a day where everything that could go wrong did actually go wrong? We’ve all been there, believe me. If you think you’re the unluckiest person on the planet, “OML” is the perfect way to express your displeasure.

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Linkin Park’s “One More Light”

“One More Light” is the title of Linkin Park’s seventh studio album, and fans have taken to abbreviating the album title and song “One More Light” as “OML.” Because the album’s lead singer, Chester Bennington, died a few months after the album’s release, the song carries a lot of emotional weight for fans. They frequently use “OML” on Snapchat to pay their tribute to Bennington and the band.


You now understand what the Internet’s newest slang OML is all about. No more wondering what OML on Snapchat means or how to use this slang in your conversations. More importantly, you now know how to respond to it.

Snapchat is constantly developing new trends. So, you need to know the most common Snapchat terms to use this app in the best possible way. With so much going on in the app, it can be overwhelming at times. To be honest, this is true of any other social media platform. I hope you found this article helpful. Making it easier to stay up to date on the latest slang and how to use it.

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