What Does “WRD” Mean on Snapchat?

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People on Snapchat use a diverse range of lingo. It’s ideal if you keep up with these terminologies, from abbreviating words to acronyms, so you don’t get confused in the middle of a discussion. “WYD,” “SMH,” “TLDR,” “IYKYK,” “DFKM,” “OFC,” and, most recently, “WRD” are among the most often used lingos. The slang “WRD” also has a version known as “WOD.” In context, these two words signify the same thing and are acronyms for the term “word.” Everyone understands what the term “WRD” means in the dictionary, but it has a different meaning when used in a Snapchat discussion. But what does the Snapchat acronym “WRD” stand for? This article will go through the meaning of “wrd” and other slang terms that may be used in a discussion. We’ll give you some examples and show you how to use them in conversation.

Contextual meaning of “WRD” on Snapchat

“Wrd” is slang for expressing surprise or agreement with a remark. It’s similar to asking or agreeing using the word “really.” Consider this dialogue between Maya and Angelo as a practical example in context. “Hey, Antonio!” said Jane.

“Hello, Jane,” Antonio says. “How are you?”

“The strangest thing happened to me today, Antonio,” Jane says. I was driving to work this morning when I was pursued by a pit bull!”

“Wrd?” says Antonio.

Antonio used the slang “wrd” in this dialogue to convey his disbelief/shock at what happened to Jane. Let’s have a look at another example of “wrd” usage below.

“Hey, bro,” Henry says.

“Hey, bro,” Peter says. “How are things?”

“Well, nothing really,” Henry says. I’m overwhelmed with my studies, and I’m doing everything I can to improve my grades. It’s leaving me with little time to go out, and I’m simply tired.”

“Oh!” says Peter. I apologize for that, bro. “Do you want to take a couple of days off?”

“I can’t,” Henry says. You’re familiar with how college works. Every minute counts, and I’ll be able to enjoy the rest I need after the semester.”

“Wrd,” Peter says. You are correct.”

In the above discussion, Peter uses “wrd” to concur with Henry’s assertion. These are the two most successful methods to use the “wrd” slang in a Snapchat discussion. In situations like these two, a sizable proportion of Snapchat users use “wrd.” The context shown above can help you understand how to use “wrd.”

Other Snapchat definitions of “WRD”

Aside from the two known methods of employing “wrd” in a conversation, people can use it for its original meaning or consider it as a whole other word. One sometimes misconstrued the meaning of “wrd” as “weird.” As a result, you can see “wrd” in conversations like the ones shown below.

“I missed your call, Mom,” Alan says. “Is everything okay?”

“Hello, Alan,” Mom says. I was wondering what word you chose to describe the dog you wish to adopt.”

“LOL,” says Randy. Mom, I told you I wanted a passionately loyal dog.”

Mom: “Oh! Yes! Alan, I think I’ve discovered the right puppy for you!”

“Really?” says Alan. Thank you, Mom! I’ll be there shortly.”

The slang “wrd” was just used for its original non-contextual “word” in that conversation. We’ll examine the use of “wrd” as “strange” in the practical conversation below.

“Did you notice the person standing at the entrance of the local gas station?” Andre asks.

“Yes,” says Max. He gave me a wrd look, bro. “Why did you want to know?”

“I was about to say the same thing!” says Andre.

“Well, he hasn’t done anything scary but stand there,” Max adds, “so we should let him be.”

“Sure thing,” says Andre.

It’s unusual to use “wrd” as “weird,” but just go with the flow when it happens.

Other than these definitions, the “wrd” slang has no use on Snapchat. However, you may be conversing with an educated individual who uses “WRD” as an abbreviation for:

  • White Ribbon Day
  • World Run Day
  • Web Resource Data
  • Wireless Reading Device.

It is up to you to figure out what the speaker’s intention is.


You can use “wrd” in your Snapchat conversations now that you know what it means and how it might be used. So go ahead and start chatting with your Snapchat friends using your newly learned slang! If you’re looking for more snapchat terms, try “JP” or “WTW” on our website. If you’ve recently heard of a Snapchat term and think others should know about it, you can tell us about it in the comments below.

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