What Should You Do If Samsung’s Fast Charger Is Not Working?

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A fast charger not working on a Samsung phone is just like a horrible event. You might get puzzled when you realise that your Samsung’s fast charger is not working. Then, you may think that it is broken and hence useless.

Fast charging helps you charge your phone in a very short time, letting you use your cellphone for long hours without having to remain near a power strip . Let’s see why our Samsung’s fast charger doesn’t work sometimes and what we can do to fix it.

what causes Samsung’s fast charger not working

Samsung's fast charger not working

Technically speaking, fast charging depends on an increased limit of voltage, but that’s not all. Some of the most common issues causing this feature not to work properly are the following:

  • Employing a third-party charger, without support for Fast Charging
  • A defective adapter
  • A broken cable
  • A dirty charging port
  • A software temporary malfunction (causing lagging Android devices)
  • Fast charging being deactivated

To find out why your fast charger is not working, you need to check for these problems one by one. If you manage to detect the problem, you can then think about fixing it.

Enable Samsung fast charging

One of the first things you can do is to investigate the phone’s Settings menu and see if this feature is enabled. According to some users, this feature is disabled every time you update an app or software on your smartphone. To enable Samsung fast charging feature follow the instruction below.

Go to Menu > Settings > Battery and search for the Fast cable charging choice. If it’s not enabled, ensure you tap on the toggle and turn it on.

Then, plug in the phone with the original charger and see if Fast Charging is functioning correctly now. If it doesn’t work correctly, restart the phone and plug it in again.

Utilize only your Samsung phone’s original charger (or a verified model)

All developers using this technology suggest counting only on the original charger for fast charging. The idea is easy: a typical charger does not increase the charging power, so the charging time will prolong. Also, you need to ensure that the wall charger has an output rating of at least 2 Amps, so as to get the best out of this technology.

In order to ensure that your charger is capable of Fast Charging, take a look at the inscription on the charging cube detailing the amount of power it generated per second and the speed with which this occurs. Fast chargers should deliver about 2000 Ma “milliamperes” of current in at 5 Volts

Check the USB cable for any problems

Cleaning the port when Samsung's fast charger is not working

USB cables are some of the most ‘misused’ parts that stop functioning every now and then. Still, this doesn’t mean that fast charger will be out of use forever, if its USB cable stops working. The USB connects your cellphone to the charging cube. When it doesn’t work for any reason, you might think that your fast charger is broken. If possible, use another cable and see if it is fixed. If not, it means that the problem lies elsewhere.

Clean the charging port

overlooked by many users, this is really a very common reason why your Samsung’s fast charger is not working. Therefore, the solution is really easy: check inside the port for anything that can meddle with the charging process, like lint, dirt, or other debris. Sometimes, a lot of stuff gathers here and it can impede the transfer of electricity.

Cleaning the phone’s charging port is really simple, as long as you’re watchful while doing it. Follow these steps and you should be just good:

  • Employ a light source (flashlight) and look inside the phone’s charging port for any signals of foreign materials which can disrupt the charging
  • If you spot something inside the port, turn off the phone and take a pair of tweezers or a toothpick
  • Take a small cotton swab, with some rubbing alcohol on it, and put it in the port for a few moments
  • Conduct circular motions inside the port, so as to remove any dirt that’s left
  • Wait for an hour, until the phone dries
  • Connect the charger and see if Fast Charging is functioning correctly now

As mentioned earlier, Samsung’s fast charger not working well can be caused by a software temporary malfunctioning. Most likely, it’s an app you recently installed that interferes with the phone’s operating system, hence influencing its Fast Charging capabilities. To find out if this is the case with your phone, proceed as instructed below.

  • Press and hold the Power Button for a few seconds. You should see the power choices menu
  • Long-press the Power off choice
  • You will notice a message, asking you if you would like to reboot the phone in Safe Mode. Tap OK
  • Wait until the phone reboots. You should notice Safe mode written in the bottom left side of the screen
  • Plug in the charger and see if Fast Charging is now functioning properly. If it does, it means that one of the apps you installed lately is causing the problem, It usually happens when your phone recognizes the app as a harmful one and blocks it to guarantee your Android phone security. So uninstall the troublesome app and see if the problem is fixed.

Perform a Factory Reset

If your Samsung’s fast charger is not working even after trying all these steps, you can perform a Factory Reset. This will place the phone into its original state, by removing everything you installed on it. Therefore, it’s highly suggested to take a full backup of the data, in case you want to restore it.

After this, please follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Settings
  • Search for Backup & reset, then tap on it
  • Search for Factory data reset, then tap on it
  • Tap on Reset phone
  • Wait for a few moments, until the phone restarts

Now that the phone is in its original state, you can utilize Fast Charging and see if it works as it should. If you’re unfortunate enough and it still doesn’t work, the only way remains to take the phone to a service or even revert it, so you can receive a new one in exchange, if it’s still covered by the guarantee.

don’t ever try repairing it by yourself unless you have the correct technical knowledge, otherwise, you can totally damage it and end up holding a bricked phone that is not covered by a guarantee anymore.

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