What to Do to Have Better Sex?

Most of us are taught a minimal understanding of sex, which is excellent for males but frequently ignores the pleasure experienced by women. Even women themselves occasionally have questions about how their parts function, what feels nice in bed, and how to achieve orgasms during better sex because our culture doesn’t spend much time discussing the vagina or female pleasure. Straight from a sex study, here are some tried-and-true strategies to improve your sex experience.

Be patient

What to Do to Have Better Sex?

Create a setting where she feels she has time to unwind and concentrate on improving the quality of better sex for women. Eliminate any obligations and sources of distraction, including job, kids, TV, and any regular errands. Find out how you can help her so that these tasks are completed, and she may concentrate only on herself for a few hours (or a whole weekend).

You are making space for her to start having better sex by encouraging her to know she has time to unwind. She might be put off by being rushed, distracted, or disturbed, which can hinder her ability to feel happy. Having all these aspects covered demonstrates to her your empathy for her and aids in helping you establish a setting where she may feel completely safe.

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Please pay attention to her requirements.

Yes, orgasms are enjoyable. But if she feels pressured to produce for you right away, some women may feel “meh” after an orgasm. When no deeper connection or goal is present, orgasm alone might be meaningless for some women.

Instead, try giving her lengthy, forceful strokes throughout her body to stimulate blood flow. It’s challenging to ignite any type of spark with a rigid, unresponsive partner. You are letting her know she has plenty of time to savor your offers by applying lengthy, strong strokes over her entire body while encouraging her to breathe and unwind.

Map her body

What to Do to Have Better Sex?

The neck, shoulders, scalp, ears, belly, inner thighs, arms, back, buttocks, and feet are just a few erogenous areas to explore. Play around with the pressure or speed. Light, feathery touches may be pleasing or irritating, depending on the situation. To assist her in managing her body, ask for her input. Then adhere to her directions.

Permit her to signal when she’s prepared to accept.

Always remember communication when it comes to intimacy, particularly when it comes to genital contact. Begin softly, then increase. Use high-quality vaginal lubrication since it hurts to have dry fingers on the genitalia. (Yes, the majority of vaginal users require lubrication! This is how vaginas function; it has nothing to do with how sexually interested she is or how satisfying of a partner you are.) You may even ask her to demonstrate how she likes to be touched.

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Pay attention to the clitoris.

Keep your attention off of the vagina and on the vulva (inner and outer lips) and the clitoris instead (aka inside). Focus on arousing her clitoris if you two want to aid in her orgasm. Most women cannot orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone; they need clitoral stimulation.

Utilize toys.

To assist her in submitting to an orgasmic experience, first, urge her to relax. This procedure can be aided by placing a strong external vibrator on her clitoris. Including toys in your romantic interactions gives her a chance to truly open up sexually and relieves some of the burdens of providing for yourself, especially if she enjoys prolonged play. Some women may play for an hour or more without ever considering having an orgasm, and in some cases, prolonging the pleasure is preferable to having one.

Look into tantric sex.

Look into tantric sex.

Tantric sex focuses on developing a strong, close bond between partners via gradual, sensuous lovemaking. This slower, more comprehensive approach appeals to many women.

Request that she take part in the action.

Encourage her to express herself, her wants, and her sexual desires by asking her questions. Sometimes the ideal formula for profound, luscious surrender and fulfillment will come from the perfect balance of time, relaxation, and skill.

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New positions to test.

Sexologist and CEO of Dame Products, Alexandra Fine, explain, “A new posture isn’t always comfortable, but frequently you’re defying circumstances…and occasionally gravity!” She advises that you’ll touch regions you don’t often have access to if you try standing up. Another option is Morse’s easy but very efficient trick: “Put a cushion beneath your butt,” she suggests. The angle allows for deeper penetration.


Being worn out, stuffed, and bloated kills closeness. Morris advises having better sex and getting active before heading out rather than delaying having sex until the end of the night. She suggests that if you have kids, ask the sitter to arrive early so they may leave the house. You can discover that making a connection earlier in the evening gives the remainder of the night an entirely new perspective. And after dessert, you might even want more of each other. If you liked this post, you might also like to read our blogs on Amazon sex position as well as the pretzel sex position. They will certainly give you some fresh idea for your next sex.  

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