When Does Snapchat Say You Are Typing?

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Younger generations are particularly fond of using Snapchat as a social networking tool. You are probably curious about it because of its rising popularity, and you may also be wondering if it can cater to the requirements that you or your children have. The question “When does Snapchat say you’re typing?” appears rather frequently on “question and answer” websites like Quora, despite the fact that there are a great number of questions concerning the features Snapchat has. Nowadays, it is typical for social networking applications to include a function that allows users to check to see if the person with whom they are conversing is replying in real-time. In spite of the fact that this does not seem to be an issue, users of Snapchat continue to be divided as to when exactly Snapchat believes you are typing! Let’s see if we can bring some clarity to this situation.

Different opinions

There are a few distinct opinions on the functionality of Snapchat’s typing notification feature. On the one hand, there are users who maintain that the function will alert people to the fact that someone is typing if and only if there is actual typing taking place on the keyboard. Others disagree and argue that the typing notice is triggered as soon as the receiver presses the text field in the chatbox. To put it another way, they believe you will get the message that someone is typing even if the other person simply taps the text area without really entering any text. So, at what precise moment does Snapchat indicate that you are typing?

A small experiment

Because we truly cared about doing things properly, we used a method that is more scientific. This is how everything transpired: We asked two of our friends to meet together in the same room so that we could carefully observe every facet of their conversation and gain first-hand knowledge of how the Snapchat typing notification function operated.

What did we discover?

When the two friends spoke with one another through the use of text messages, a little Bitmoji avatar emerged in the bottom left corner of their respective displays whenever they initiated a chat session. When one of the them left the chat session, the other friend’s screen no longer displayed the friend’s avatar. When she touched on the discussion, the avatar appeared once again, suggesting that she had successfully returned to the chat. While we observed the screen of the other friend, one of our friends began entering the text area in response to our request. The indication that she was typing appeared almost immediately after she started typing. The notification continued after she had halted in the middle of her typing. In the following paragraphs, I will detail all that our short experiment taught us about the typing notification that Snapchat gives.

When does Snapchat’s typing notification activate? 

When a user taps the text field inside Snapchat or begins typing in it, the app tells the user that another user is typing. In contrast to the widespread belief, activating the Bitmoji avatar without triggering the typing notice is a side effect of opening the chat window. On the other hand, the typing message will frequently appear whenever someone taps the text box but does not begin entering anything. The answer to this is rather straightforward: anytime there is any type of action in the text box, Snapchat’s typing notification mechanism is activated. The moment you tap within the text box, it assumes that you are typing and immediately tells you of this fact. The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the typing notification on Snapchat is activated whenever the text field in the chatbox is being used. When you tap the text field, it indicates that you are typing or that you are communicating the intention to type.

When will the notification that you are typing disappear on Snapchat?

Most of the time, the indication that someone is typing will continue to appear until the other person has completed their message and sent it. The lingering, on the other hand, might be caused by the app freezing at various points in time. Have you ever wondered why the typing notification will sometimes continue to appear for hours, giving the impression that the other person is typing a lengthy message when, in reality, they may not even be typing anything even though you may not have known this at the time. This occurs as a result of the Snapchat app becoming frozen. When your receiver presses the text field, the freeze will take place at that exact instant. There is a possibility that you will receive many notifications indicating that the person on the other end is typing when, in fact, they are not. There is no reason to be concerned about these occurrences because they are brought on by random software errors here and there.

When can you not see the typing notification?

Once the recipient of your message touches the text area to react to your question or comment, the typing notification will automatically become active on Snapchat. If despite the fact that the receiver has texted you back, you do not receive a message that they are typing, it is possible that you have disabled the Snapchat notifications on your device. The notification that Snapchat displays when you are typing may be activated inside Snapchat’s settings. If these notifications are not already enabled, you will need to check the settings for notifications on your phone and activate them from there. In the event that this does not resolve the issue, you can try reinstalling the application.


The makers of the Snapchat app created the typing notification function in order to encourage increased levels of user interaction. It is essential, whether you are an active user or a social media influencer that you understand when and how these functions will affect your experience. The capability of typing notifications included in Snapchat alerts you whenever the other party is actively participating in your conversation so that you may continue. However, keep an eye out for favourable results that turn out to be fake. It implies that the function of the notification is attempting to deceive you in some way!

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