When To Replace Your Gutters Instead Of Repairing Them?

Gutters are some of the most important parts of a house that are responsible for managing and directing water to the appropriate area. If they do not work properly, more problems and damages will happen to the other parts of the building such as the roof fascia and sidings. Gutters, like any other part of a house, need maintenance. Maintenance is more crucial if you are living in an area with a lot of rain falling or even trees because leaves can block gutters. It is likely that if you have taken good care of them, they will last quite a long time, yet there might come the time when you have to decide whether to repair or replace the gutters.

Obviously, replacement is not only more expensive but also can take you longer, so generally, every property owner prefers repairing to replacement. However, you need to make sure if repairing can solve the problem and is the right decision. To do so, there are several things to consider before deciding about repairing or replacing your gutters.

Check for wear and tears

Although roofing materials are fairly durable and sustainable, they will not last forever and will eventually wear out. However, the extent of the wear must be examined. For example, if it is only about bolts and screws, they can easily be replaced but if the gutter material has deteriorated itself, you might need more repairs and even replacement. It is important to have an expert examining the current condition of the gutters and help you make the right decision.

Check for the gutters’ capacity

Sometimes problems are caused because of the design and shape of the gutters. For example, undersized gutters can get the rainwater into the sidings and the house foundation which can make way for bigger problems. This is exactly what we do not want to happen and is their main function. If the gutters are not big enough, the rainwater might overflow or not get into the drains. Although these problems can occur because of blockage, you always have to check if the gutters are deep enough to function appropriately. If the gutter size is not suitable you probably need to replace it all, and repairing would not be an option. This can also be affected by the area you are living in and whether there is a lot of rainfall or not.

Check for roof fascia and sidings

Gutters are supposed to protect the roof’s fascia and sidings. So one of the things you can check to see whether your gutters are working properly is by examining roof fascia and sidings. If you can see signs of damage to these areas, the gutter might not be working well and fail to direct water to the right areas. In some cases, the problem has existed for a long time so you need to replace gutters yet some others might be fixed. This is an expert’s job to examine the condition and suggest you the best way. So make sure the person who is going to check gutters, roof fascia, and sidings is knowledgeable and experienced.

Consider gutters age

If gutters were designed and installed properly they are likely to last for some years without facing any problems. However, as they age they tend to have more problems (even more often than before). So if you are spending too much on frequent repairs, why not replace them? It is sometimes more cost-efficient to replace the whole gutters instead of repairing them in a row. Remember that even if an old gutter still looks fine without wear and tear, it does not necessarily mean that it is not having any problems.

Check for the Material

It is generally assumed that houses are built with the best types of materials at least the ones that suit the condition of the building. However, it is not always true about any part of a building including gutters. The best choice for gutter material highly depends on the location of the building and the general climate. If the wrong material has been used (which is more prone to the problem according to the building condition), maybe it will a better idea to replace them all. To do so, ask several experts to inspect the conditions and search for the advantages and disadvantages of each material used for building gutters. Remember that there is no best material for all buildings and it must be selected based on your conditions.

Consider workmanship problems

It is very important to find experienced and trusted staff to install the gutters. If they make any mistakes while installing gutters, you will face possible problems in the future. That is why you should always search for the best companies. Click here to find a list of the best companies for gutters instalment.

If your gutters are poorly installed, you need to have a professional person examine the condition. Based on the issues, they might offer partial repairs or total replacement.


In this article, we mentioned several things you need to check and consider before deciding about repairing or replacing your gutters. However, remember that it is a professional job and you cannot understand the original cause of problems or the best solution for them on your own. It is an expert’s job to examine the condition, find the original reason and decide to repair or replace gutters. Therefore, make sure to contact and consult with an expert.


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