Why A Bride Should Wear a Blusher Veil

What is a blusher veil?

A blusher veil covers the bride’s face until formally introduced to the groom. While it was worn in ancient times by brides to defend against evil, today it symbolizes modesty and purity.

Blushers can add a graceful and elegant feel to any bridal ensemble—yet more and more brides are deciding to get rid of the blusher (and sometimes even the veil) altogether.

This fairly small accessory has a rich history. There are a lot of stories, myths, and legends behind both blushers and veils, with the earliest records showing the most functional origin—to defend against wind, sun, and sand.

Yet beyond that, things get a bit more sophisticated. It is believed that in old times, blushers were worn to defend against evil and that, in the times of arranged marriages, they were utilized as a way to cover the bride’s face to stop the groom from seeing her before their wedding.

As time passed (well, sort of…), blushers became a sign of modesty and purity, and the symbolic action of lifting the blusher veil served as a literal “unveiling” of the bride to her new spouse.

In modern times, blushers have become fashionable accessories, the cherry on top of a stunning bridal look. Many brides still want to have their fathers raise the blusher as a way of “giving away” their bride.

3 reasons to wear a blusher veil

The photos

Ideal pictures of the bride walking down the aisle with her face covered are so graceful and highly precious. Equally elegant is the very emotional and impressive moment of the father raising the blusher as he gives his daughter away or the groom raising the blusher veil to kiss his bride for the first time.

Do not also forget all the fabulous photos a photographer can take! These valuable memories are ones that make for great photographs. If you are planning your wedding ceremony, don’t forget to hire a good photographer.

The romance

Whether you want to have your father raise the blusher or wait to let the groom raise the blusher at the end of the ceremony, unveiling your face can be very stunning and romantic. Even if you have already seen each other throughout the day there is something great about that moment, as though you are seeing each other for the first time!

The unrepeatable experience

There will most likely be no other event in your life when you will get to put on a blusher or veil. Your wedding day is a wonderful event to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Make your day extra special by putting on a blusher.


What are some factors to consider when selecting a blusher veil?

Once you’ve chosen a wedding dress, selecting your bridal accessories will get you one step closer to accomplishing your dream look. In addition to the style and shape of your dress, you’ll want to take into consideration the hairstyle you plan on wearing when walking down the aisle.

Whether you want to wear a classic chignon or romantic waves, how you wear your hair will influence which veil looks best. Last but not least, allocating a budget will help you to reduce the number of blusher wedding veils accessible to you. While veils are extensively fine and lightweight, don’t be cheated.

How many brides choose a blusher veil?

As with any bridal accessory, a blusher veil isn’t obligatory. Modern brides definitely aren’t trying to avoid this classic wedding-day tradition. It is a very personal decision. Sometimes, brides may select the blusher but decide not to use it/cover the face. It makes a lovely layering effect from behind. If a look of pure beauty is what you’re after, then a blusher veil could be great for you.


A blusher wedding veil is worn because it adds a touch of beauty and elegance and simultaneously is the symbol of purity and modesty. It is something optional but if the bride is in search of beauty and grace it is a good choice.

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