Why are NFTs So Valuable Nowadays?

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Regarding the function of blockchain technology, digital collectibles (including NFTs) have more global value than in the past. But why is it getting more popular and valuable every day?

People around the world are using the cyber world more than they used to in recent years. Virtual items are counted as real money; unsurprisingly, online digital collectibles will not be outdated any time soon. Considering the gradual digitalizing and continuous evolution of technology in this field, it would be no surprise that digital items and assets get more important in everyone’s life. This gets more realistic to understand they exist as NFTs and include all advantages of blockchain technology. They are rare, verifiable, unique in identity, and secure for transactions!

NFTs are available in various formats, such as properties in dramatically attractive digital games, verified rare digital artworks, etc. All of these formats have one thing in common: they are easy to collect and safe to keep.

How is the value of digital collectibles determined?

When people look for collectible items, their first option will probably be physical items rather than digital ones. Physical aggregation is the only imaginable approach to them based on traditional trades. It does not matter if the collector is fulfilling their dreams or just tending to be the best one. One of the benefits of having many physical items is that no one can ever have a copy of what you have gotten. Minor changes in the circumstances or things like ownership history can lead to noticeable changes in valuation among similar items. Eventually, some other factors are engaged to help define the collectibles in the real world:

  • Rareness: If an item is rare, it will be hard to achieve. Therefore, rare tokens seem valuable to collectors. In other words, it’s another form of supply and demand.
  • Origin: The source of an item will affect the item’s value, whether it is affected by the reputation of the inventors or the fame or position of the former owners.
  • Quality: This is kind of a subjective decision, but to determine the quality, factors like the conditions, the value of information, retention, and performance can be evaluated.
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How has the blockchain affected NFTs?

Not going too far in the past, blockchain digital collectibles were non-existent (and could not be) because the above features could not be incorporated into the digital system. Digital assets such as game items did not belong to the players; they were just a part of the game which all players could access.

However, blockchain technology has maintained all collectibles on its own and is also provable; NFT doubles the elements that give value to these items and provides some extra benefits. Physical objects cannot compete on this one with NFTs.

As a decentralized database, blockchain technology prevents forgery of any data, value, or assets. All computers responsible for protecting the network ensure that no data is copied or duplicated.

The concept of NFT as a symbol of the ability to collect digital items provides a clear future for this field. Each token can symbolize a genuinely exceptional asset identified by the token ID, and its genuineness is verified in the public blockchain.

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What makes NFTs valuable?

Digital assets can now benefit from what used to be limited to physical items:


A sharp contraction can guarantee the maximum supply of an asset.


Beyond an elementary image of ERC-11SS internet tokens, they can be practical in many ways, including all items used in various applications and games. Digital collectibles can be even more valuable after the initial concept is formed because network developers can use them to develop their projects.


Through the blockchain’s ledger, all transactions on tokens are recorded.

Verifiable origin:

Digital assets do something that physical items are unable to do. Compared to traditional physical collections, with the help of blockchain, some extra exciting offers can be added to digital collectibles.

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The best part and feature of the digital space is that you can trade, and there is no one to stop you. Whenever you have the idea to collect new items, there is a 24/7 market available for you.


Considering the convenience in the online NFT marketplaces, sellers are rarely unaware of things around them because you can check out your target item by searching the platform’s name or the manufacturer item.


One of the most significant advantages of the cyberworld is that you can carry it everywhere with yourself in your pocket.

Value recovery:

ERC-11SS tokens have an essential advantage: from the beginning of their formation, their initial value is defined by ENJ. So, if you are tired of your collection and cannot trade that, you can quickly return the collection to the engine with the price set for the assets on the first day.


Even if violators tend to copy an image related to an NFT, a simple search in blockchain explorer can prove if the designer’s original address gave away the token.

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