Why Does Print Marketing Still Matter?

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Since its appearance in a newspaper in 1704, print marketing has been a key tool for businesses to reach their customers. Despite the introduction of newer technologies such as broadcast marketing (TV and radio), print marketing has been able to keep up and adjust to the changing market. With digital marketing now reigning as the premier strategy, print, TV, and radio ads have seen a decrease in use. Nevertheless, print marketing has its place as a key component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. For this reason, we will be discussing the advantages of print marketing.

What is print marketing?

Print marketing is an efficient way of employing tools published in printed formats like newspapers, magazines, brochures, or flyers for your goals. It can involve logos, coupons, informational pieces, invitations to sales or events, and newsletters.

Sometimes, digital advertisements can be troublesome and are often overlooked because of the number of businesses contending against one another to be better than others. Print advertising can help brands have a permanent impact and are a significant part of every marketing strategy that can assist you in reaching people offline.

6 advantages of print marketing

print marketing

With the simplicity and immediate access to the target audience that digital marketing offers, it’s easy to ignore the many advantages print marketing provides. However, there is a large number of reasons why print marketing is precious as part of any marketing strategy.

It builds trust

Since your clients can really feel your marketing tools, this helps instill a sense of trust. By selecting the correct type of paper, providing information tangibly, and having a consistent brand identity, you can manage the type of message you want to impart. For instance, by investing in a quality print design you can exhibit to clients that you’re a professional businessman which takes things seriously.

You have visibly invested thought, effort, and money in making your brand high quality and as such, this gives them trust that they should rely on you. You’re proving that you’re trustworthy, which is highly significant when you’re trying to turn prospects into customers.

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Why are printed ads trusted over digital ads?

Part of the answer is in the volume of scams raising in the digital age. Customers count on digital marketing less because of the higher probability of scams.

This concern is a great reason why print marketing stays crucial to businesses today. Customers are more likely to connect your brand with a good reputation thanks to print marketing and are more likely to react to an advertisement from a brand that is credible.

Reach a more concentrated audience

Although smartphones are omnipresent, a large percentage of customers would rather make buying decisions offline. Understanding which members of an audience desire to get marketing materials via print rather than digitally is precious information. It enables businesses to emit targeted ads through print knowing it will reach customers and raise conversions. By giving out targeted printed ads to customers who would rather receive marketing materials in print, businesses keep one step ahead of their rivals by reaching consumers that their competitors may not be reaching.

Print marketing also enables businesses to cooperate with other businesses to display their print advertising. For example, a company providing wellness services may take advantage of having its brochures showcased at a gym or a spa. This lets companies reach new audience members and increase their audience even more.

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Increase brand awareness

With how much content customers see on their phones, they often undergo information overload. They skip ads on social media and ignore ads on YouTube videos. Some decide to disconnect for hours or days at a time. However, print marketing continues to grab customers’ attention. Without the glow of a screen, print marketing can be enjoyable to look at and easier to read without triggering headaches or eye strain.

brand awareness

According to Neuromarketing, customers spend more time looking at a printed ad or brochure instead of skipping an online ad on social media. If the printed ad seems nice, feels good, or even smells nice, the ad leaves an impression on the consumer. This visible experience helps make brands more unforgettable.

Print marketing remains in front for longer

A leading advantage of print marketing is that print doesn’t get pressed into a spam folder or a promotions tab. It does not matter how amazing an email campaign appears, if it ends up in a customer’s spam folder then it didn’t do its job. In contrast, print marketing ends up right in the customer’s hands.

Unlike digital marketing where customers often skip ads, print marketing provides a palpable item that customers can keep. Some may put flyers on their fridges to not forget a sale or lay a catalog on a table to follow later. With digital marketing, if the tab is closed or the page has to be reloaded, a new ad often substitutes ads indicated previously, and the potential customer is lost. This makes print marketing more specific because customers who decide to keep that information are reminded of the brand regularly. Also, if the customer doesn’t utilize the printed ad sent to them, they may give it to a friend thereby raising brand awareness.

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It’s portable

One of the best things about print marketing is that it is portable. Another benefit of this technique materials is that they don’t need to be charged up or connected to Wi-Fi. Wherever your consumers are sitting or traveling, they can simply scan your brochure or read your latest catalog.    

It’s engaging

When people read content online, they are required to look through the information for key points. They read very rapidly and don’t keep all of the content that you’ve spent so long creating. This might be because it’s on a digital screen and it’s much more convenient to press back and look elsewhere.

Still, when people are reading print, they are inclined to read content much slower and more profoundly. They really focus on the words on the page, and that all too enticing ‘back’ button isn’t an option. The purpose is also much stronger, as if people have made effort to pick up your brochure or leaflet in the first place, then they’re already attracted. It’s not like digital marketing where their viewing time can be disrupted by a pop-up advert. When it comes to print, they take complete control over what they read so if they’ve selected to become involved with your marketing materials then you’re doing something right


Print marketing still matters in the digital age. There are some factors that have secured the importance of print marketing such as portability, credibility, engagement, and raising brand awareness. These factors help it to stay alive and play an important role as before.

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